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Breckenridge, CO  |  August 15-18, 2024
all  inclusive

Welcome to Yvette's Perfectly Pieced Quilting Retreat!

You will master Foundation Paper Piecing and it doesn't matter if you've ever done it before.  Join me and a group of enthusiastic quilters for a weekend slumber party you won't soon forget!

A Bit of Information
About Breckenridge, colorado


July and August typically top the charts as the warmest months of the year in Breckenridge at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit on average. While these are our warmest months, it still never usually gets above 80 degrees, so many flock here to escape the summer heat hitting the rest of the county. That also means it’s the perfect time to log some solid hours outdoor on the trails or on some of Breckenridge’s best patios and decks. Combine that with our dry climate, and you won’t have to worrying about overheating during your favorite summer activities. But be careful, our dryness and strong sun means hydrating and sun protection is a must.

Similar to July, you can expect quick afternoon thunderstorms, so be sure to start hiking and biking early in the day, keep an eye on the weather, and always pack extra layers. Here’s our summer packing guide so you can be sure you have all the essentials.







Breckenridge weather.png

Planned Activities

My retreats will always have FPP patterns that I have written myself, along with the fabric required to finish your quilt top.  I will also have a small group project for us to do together.  Fabric and everything you need to complete this project will be provided.  All activities are totally optional.  All quilting projects are totally optional.  You are free to bring anything you desire to work on.  My main goal is to grow our quilting community through friendship.

The below itinerary is to give you a general idea of what I have planned, but is subject to change and all activities are optional.  Pick and choose how you want your weekend to go.